Whether you're a small business with big goals, or a large company in need of new ideas - 'the design girl' - can help. I take a straight-forward approach to all your design challenges, offering affordable design services for today's demanding marketing world.

discuss. develop. design. deliver. It's that easy. I'll walk you through a simple process that starts with a conversation and ends with your 100% satisfaction.

discuss. Together we'll explore your needs and objectives and get to the root of what drives your business. You are after all your biggest advocate. We'll talk about any challenges your facing, explore ideas, establish goals and a direction for moving forward.

develop. We'll roll all those ideas into a strategy and come up with a plan that works for you. This is also the best time to talk numbers - money, timing and expectations. Once we're in agreement, we'll shake hands and move on to the fun stuff - the design.

design. This is where I go away to tackle the major thinking, design and creative portion of the job. Bringing all the ideas, objectives and goals we've discussed together to come up with some great options for your consideration.

deliver. You'll have the opportunity to offer feedback and valuable input throughout the creative phase of the job and together we'll settle on the final design. What you'll end up with are captivating pieces that engage your audience and deliver your message effectively.


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